Limerick Elementary School Crayon Drive and Outdoor Classroom Fundraiser

A huge shout out to the amazing students and staff at Limerick Elementary School, PA.   They began a ‘well-loved’ crayon drive for my green crayon this spring, followed by sales of the remolded crayons to raise money for clean water projects and an outdoor classroom in their school courtyard.   AND DO YOU WANNA HEAR SOMETHING AWESOME?   They’ve sold over $630 worth of crayons!!!!  That’s more than my green crayon has raised since we began crayon sales in September 2009.   THANK YOU to Susan Hess and Jenna Conroy for their amazing energy and leadership, and thank you to the many students who have peeled SO MANY CRAYONS, saving many hours of work before the new crayons can be made.   Every generous offer of help, peeling, donations, support, and encouragement is a gift to me, and to the families who will receive the life-giving gift of clean water as a result of your help.   You are making a difference, and my green crayon sends you a huge THANK YOU and WOOHOO!

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