The Haiti Campaign

My green crayon, as well as other family fund-raising efforts, had begun by supporting the clean water efforts of Playpumps International…a South African based non-profit that built children’s playground equipment over water pumps, bringing clean water to the surface each time the children played!   In the fall of 2009, PlayPumps granted their constructed pumps and technology to Water for People, a long-standing champion in water and sanitation projects around the globe.   Recognizing a need to diversify, PlayPumps then changed their mission from new-pump construction, to established-pump maintenance.   It was at this time that I decided to do further research into other non-profit water projects, and found charity: water.   When the catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010, I felt that it was imperative that my green crayon be a part of the recovery efforts…..and was again drawn to charity: water.   After viewing the video below, it was clear that charity: water would be the new inspiration behind our efforts.   I feel so humbled to add a drop to their proverbial bucket in the mission to provide clean water and sanitation to ‘the least of these.’

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