A Thankful Shout Out to My Crayon Peeps!

*To Michelle Ball, and Liz Styer, and all of the Girl Scouts who love them…thank you for the countless hours and generous ways that you helped to educate and inspire so many girls about the world’s water crisis, and how they can “be the change that they want to see.”   For getting the word out about this project, for peeling countless crayons in the muggy weather at Camporee, and for raising $57.50 for clean water!   THANK YOU!

*To Miss Nikita, Director Summer, and all of the families, children and staff at Valley Forge Christian Academy in Audubon, PA….thank you for the crayon drive that you did for us, and for inviting me to your Family Day activities to help spread the word and raise funds for your school.   For the many fingernails that you’ve sacrificed to provide peeled crayons, and for raising more than $50 for children the world over who need the clean water that charity: water helps provide….THANK YOU!

*To Sue Hess and Jenna Conroy at Limerick Elementary School, and to the children / families / staff that helped in the many efforts to collect, peel, and sell remolded crayons (more details posted below in an earlier blog entry)…..you raised over $300 for children who desperately need clean water to survive.  You are amazing!

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