3rd Annual Kerwin Open House!

Just the facts, ma’am….

Friday, November 12, 2010  ***  4pm – 8pm
Saturday, November 13, 2010   ***   10am – 2pm

Where:  The Kerwin Home
225 Overlook Drive
Schwenksville, PA 19473

What:     Our 3rd Annual Open House, and a dream come true!

Rooms full of treasures for everyone in the family…and kids are welcome! Featuring BeadforLife handmade jewelry, handmade jewelry (Momma Bling) and crafts from Overflow Creations and friends, homemade yummies and food gift items, My Green Crayon recycled and reinvented crayons, and Three Below – a secret shoppe for kids of all ages!    Please read on for more details and pictures and weblinks and …..well……and MORE!

Now, for the juicy details!



THREE BELOW – a kids’ secret shoppe!

100% of sales benefits new clean water and sanitation projects through the non-profit charity: water (www.charitywater.org)

Gifts priced from $.50 to $3.00.    A safe and special place where kids of all ages can come and find perfect (and affordable!) gifts for the whole family.   Free gift wrapping, too – no peeking, parents!   All items are new, or have been hand-crafted by friends and family.   Something for everyone, all while supporting an amazing, life-giving, water-providing non-profit!



My Green Crayon

50% of sales benefits new clean water and sanitation projects through the non-profit charity: water (www.charitywater.org)

This recycled-crayon project purposes to save crayons from landfills (donated by family, friends, schools, restaurants, etc.) by remolding them into fun new shapes for endless creative possibilities!   Crayons come gift packaged, complete with the charity: water and My Green Crayon stories, and are affordably priced $1 – $5.   Please check out these unique creations – and share the charity: water story!


*Project began in April 2009

*2009 Sales:  $190 raised for clean water projects,      318 crayons sold

*2010 Sales and donations YTD:  $2,134.51,     467 crayons sold and many more donated!

*Total crayons sold since we began……785….and counting!!!

My goal is to raise $3,000 for clean water projects by the end of the year, through crayon sales and $ raised through Three Below….will you join me?    Please visit www.mycharitywater.org/openhouse to see how we’re doing!

My Green Crayon

Click here to view more pictures.



BeadforLife – Handmade Jewelry

100% of sales benefit the women of BeadforLife (www.beadforlife.org)

Prices range from $5 – $30.   Each item comes with a colorful gift tag, which shares the powerful BeadforLife story with your loved ones.   Amazing bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and jewelry storage – of all colors and styles – made by women in Uganda who are overcoming extreme poverty through this business endeavor.   For previous BFL shoppers, there are two brand-new styles added to the line – you’ll love them!   Shop and join the fight!

**Prefer to use your credit card?   BeadforLife offers a credit payment option for BeadforLife merchandise only.  BeadforLife has set up a simple online payment option, so that you may use your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) to complete your BeadforLife purchase.   A private, safe location will be available here during the Open House if you’d like to use this option!



Overflow Creations – Handmade Jewelry and Crafts

10% of sales benefits Doctors Without Borders (www.doctorswithoutborders.org)

All items are original and handcrafted, including jewelry (Momma Bling), snowmen, ornaments, teacher gifts, food gifts, and more!   Many gifts priced $10 & under.   Crafted by hostess Kristen Kerwin.

2010 Overflow Creations Overview

Click here to view more pictures.

Come get a jump on your holiday gift giving, enjoy yummy refreshments, and share gifts that make a difference…..and please feel free to bring a friend!

Sale is CASH or CHECK only please

(however, please see special note under BeadforLife for unique credit purchase option!).

Please feel free to contact me at:

(H) 610-287-5687 or email:  kristenkerwin@gmail.com.

Thank you!   Feel free to bring a friend, and we’ll see ya soon!   🙂  Kristen

Introducing…MOMMA BLING jewelry, by Kristen – “Do your thing for less cha-ching!”

My kids call me “Mommy,” but there’s something about hearing children use the word “Momma” that floods my heart with images of little kids and big squeezy mom-hugs.   Mommas bring smiles!   Hence the name…”Momma Bling.”  Made by a mom, for real women & moms, for a woman’s actual lifestyle and budget!

A Spontaneous Ode to Moms Everywhere…

A mom is a gift. She is beautiful in every way.   Her sacrifices are many, and her requests are few.  Even when exhausted, she has strength enough to comfort and guide her children.   A mom’s love is found in the small things:  the quiet, daily to-dos that keep a home moving and hold families and friends together.  She also gives us the courage to fight our Goliaths, and steps in for us when we grow weary.   She is a gift from God, and her love for her children & family & friends shines brightly to encourage, warm, and guide them all.

A mom is a treasure. Inside every woman is a princess, brave and true.   She gives her children all that she has, teaching them how to love and how to pass it on.   She is a rare jewel, increasing in value with the passage of time.   Her love shines brightly to warm, encourage, and guide those around her.   Her beauty is true, it runs deep, and never fades.  In the end, no matter the size or shape, a mom’s hug always fits perfectly.

Moms are amazing!

(Kristen Kerwin, 4/8/09)

Momma Bling isn’t just for moms, and most certainly isn’t for the average woman…because the “average woman” doesn’t exist!    Each one is EXTRAORDINARY!!!  Instead, this jewelry is for the “everyday woman”, as in “every day, no matter what, this woman serves in the trenches – with and for her family, at her job, in her home, around the town…doing her thing with class!”

Her jewelry needs to last, at times doubling as a rattle, and sometimes helping her ‘pass the test’ with her teenager’s friends.  It needs to be able to get wet and dirty, but not get lost in the process.   It has to be sturdy, sassy, and oh-so-you!  Lastly, it needs to match her own beauty and strength, almost effortlessly.   She needs:   Momma Bling!   So, princess…do your thing and work that bling!

Caution:   For Extraordinary Women Only!

***and if you need the perfect way to wrap a jewelry gift…..try one of my “Itty Bitty Bling Bags” (only $2.50 each).   Each mini-purse is hand sewn from beautiful ribbon, perfectly sized for jewlery…for secret notes to your kids or honey…for a blingy satchel for the tooth fairy…for anything!

THANK YOU Peeling Partners!!! Summer 2010 ROCKED!

My Green Crayon is ready to roll for the fall & holiday season! Ohmygoodness….I was blown away by these amazing volunteers who sweat it out this summer along side of me, peeing bags of crayons until their nails went waxy!

Up until this summer, I’d spend 2-3 hours each day (during peak times) peeling the crayon donations, all by my lonesome…taking them to waiting rooms, road trips, camping…EVERYWHERE! As soothing as I have found peeling to be (seriously!), it was a huge task to peel enough to bake enough crayons to make a difference. Having so many friends peel with me has made all of the difference – I’m set!

I did my best to keep track of who peeled what, so that I could thank you in quantitative terms for the number of hours have been graciously donated…..and I’d like to share that list with everyone!!!!

Joyelle / Brianna / Nathan Soucier 3 bags
Corinne Kerwin 6 bags
Emma Kerwin 5 bags
Danielle Kerwin 5 bags
Denise / Samantha / Nicole Mullin 10 bags
Karen Kerwin 1 bag
Mariah / Lynne Krauter / Theresa 6 bags
Carol / Heather / Rachel Canigiani 1 bag
Michele Ball 4 bags
Sophia Pham / Kim-Van / Tam-My 2 bags
Michelle McFadden / Catherine / Christina / Stephen 1 bag
Donna Bondi / Rebekah / Bridget 1 bag
Wendy Myers and granddaughters (I’ve lost count!) 15 bags
Sally my friend 1 bag
Peggy Vellner 2 bags
Krista Wagner 3 bags
Paulette Whitekettle 1 bag
Carla McCabe / Matthew / Madison 6 bags
Morgan Lynn 1 bag
Stephanie Aguila / Olivia / Sophia 6 bags
Holly Ricks & family 8 bags
TerriAnn Bean / Catherine / Matt (still peeling!) 6 bags
Andrea Kehler & Daisy Scouts 10 bags
Goddard School of Schwenksville
Duffy family 1 bag
Kelly Hoy & Girl Scouts 8 bags
The Petrowski Family 8 bags
The Kenter Family 1 bag
The Toron Family 1 bag
Gretchen & Carrie & staff….untold bags!
Kathleen Murphy….Patient Peeler Extraordinaire 🙂

Soooooo……by the roughest of estimates, and with much grace extended from everyone for the numbers I’ve gotten wrong…..this amazing peeling team has peeled more than


bags of crayons!!!!!! At an average of 2 hours of peeling / bag, that’s 248 hours of labor these peelers have contributed to My Green Crayon!

Words cannot express my gratitude for so much selfless help!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. We actually ran out of crayons to be peeled by the end of August, which is crazy if you’d seen the totes we’d started with! We are always ready to welcome any new donations…whether from a school or restaurant, or just from the corners of your couch :-). And if you have a group that needs a service project, and would like to be a Peeling Partner…please feel free to contact me! Thank you!