Introducing…MOMMA BLING jewelry, by Kristen – “Do your thing for less cha-ching!”

My kids call me “Mommy,” but there’s something about hearing children use the word “Momma” that floods my heart with images of little kids and big squeezy mom-hugs.   Mommas bring smiles!   Hence the name…”Momma Bling.”  Made by a mom, for real women & moms, for a woman’s actual lifestyle and budget!

A Spontaneous Ode to Moms Everywhere…

A mom is a gift. She is beautiful in every way.   Her sacrifices are many, and her requests are few.  Even when exhausted, she has strength enough to comfort and guide her children.   A mom’s love is found in the small things:  the quiet, daily to-dos that keep a home moving and hold families and friends together.  She also gives us the courage to fight our Goliaths, and steps in for us when we grow weary.   She is a gift from God, and her love for her children & family & friends shines brightly to encourage, warm, and guide them all.

A mom is a treasure. Inside every woman is a princess, brave and true.   She gives her children all that she has, teaching them how to love and how to pass it on.   She is a rare jewel, increasing in value with the passage of time.   Her love shines brightly to warm, encourage, and guide those around her.   Her beauty is true, it runs deep, and never fades.  In the end, no matter the size or shape, a mom’s hug always fits perfectly.

Moms are amazing!

(Kristen Kerwin, 4/8/09)

Momma Bling isn’t just for moms, and most certainly isn’t for the average woman…because the “average woman” doesn’t exist!    Each one is EXTRAORDINARY!!!  Instead, this jewelry is for the “everyday woman”, as in “every day, no matter what, this woman serves in the trenches – with and for her family, at her job, in her home, around the town…doing her thing with class!”

Her jewelry needs to last, at times doubling as a rattle, and sometimes helping her ‘pass the test’ with her teenager’s friends.  It needs to be able to get wet and dirty, but not get lost in the process.   It has to be sturdy, sassy, and oh-so-you!  Lastly, it needs to match her own beauty and strength, almost effortlessly.   She needs:   Momma Bling!   So, princess…do your thing and work that bling!

Caution:   For Extraordinary Women Only!

***and if you need the perfect way to wrap a jewelry gift…..try one of my “Itty Bitty Bling Bags” (only $2.50 each).   Each mini-purse is hand sewn from beautiful ribbon, perfectly sized for jewlery…for secret notes to your kids or honey…for a blingy satchel for the tooth fairy…for anything!

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