We more-than-met our goal of $3000 raised for clean water in 2010…..with a grand total of $3322.41!!!!

Through the sales of My Green Crayon recycled crayons (50% of each sale goes directly to clean water projects), from the kids’ secret santa shoppe Three Below this November, and from a HUGE generous penny drive from Pine Run Elementary School in New Britain, PA…we have had a phenomenal year!   One child can receive clean water for 20 years, for only $20…we have made a difference – THANK YOU!!!!!!!

My Charity Water page invitation is below…thank you for partnering with me to make these dreams come true!

“It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed when taking a closer look at the big stuff, like the world water crisis that leaves over 1 billion people without clean water each day for the most basic of needs. So many lives are lost due to a lack of clean water and proper sanitation – something that I have at my fingertips and often take for granted. But what can I do about it?

One person, trying to make a difference, can feel so small….but when we each put our ‘drops in the bucket’ together, our efforts join to make a mighty rushing force of change! I am convinced that when we are motivated by love, with a thankful heart (and big dreams!), we can do anything. It’s my heart’s desire to do what I can to bring clean water to the most desperate of children and their families around the world.

100% of public donations (that’s all of us!) goes directly to fund new water and sanitation projects. Will you join me? Thank you for partnering with me on this journey to make a difference!!!”


CANNOT WAIT to see what we can do in 2011!  Luv, Kristen

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