Simple Gifts Open House – coming soon!

Christmas  Sooo much packed into that one word.   For some, it sets off a full-on state of panic.  Gifts to buy. Deadlines looming. Budgets blown. Commercialism. Guests.   These are some of the things that can make Christmas not ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’  Bah Humbug!

For others, it’s a time to share some love.  And some cookies.   (For the record, I am fond of love and cookies…)   It’s a time to remember all that we have to be thankful for.   Advent.  Joyful anticipation!  A time to reflect on why we celebrate Christmas at all, and the real ‘reason for the season’.   An opportunity to enjoy, and share, the Simple Gifts of life.  
But let’s face it – we still have some preparing to do while we reflect and snuggle and gather ’round…so let’s get all crazy and do both at the same time!   Presenting…
The Kerwin’s 4th Annual ‘Simple Gifts’ Open House!
Friday, November 16, 2012 – 4pm to 8pm
Saturday, November 17, 2012 – 10am to 2pm
@ The Kerwin Home
225 Overlook Drive
Schwenksville, PA 19473
What you’ll find:
*My Green Crayon – recycled crayons, in dozens of fun shapes (snowflakes, penguins, dinos, butterflies, girl and boy themes, owls…), priced $1, $3, and $7 (for sets) – perfect for stocking stuffers, gift exchanges, food-alternative classroom gifts, package tie ons, and more!  50% of each crayon sale helps to bring clean water to children and their families, around the world, that are in desperate need of access to clean water.   (
*Three Below – Calling all kid-shoppers!   This room is a Secret Santa Shoppe, where kids (and the occasional parent) shop for new items priced $3 or less – and where 100% of sales goes directly to support clean water initiatives through charity water (    There’s something for everyone on your list – family, friends, teachers, and more – and you can wrap your gifts up tight before you leave, so there’s no peeking :-)!
*Bead for Life – jewelry and gifts – I just love being able to offer the gorgeous jewelery made by the women in Uganda who serve with this amazing non-profit.   Every color of the rainbow comes into play in these beads made from recycled paper.   They are sealed, and are as strong as glass…pieces are priced $5 – $30, and each item comes with a colorful gift card, sharing the Bead for Life story.   Their $5.00 bangle bracelets are perfect, meaningful gifts!  New products made from Shea Butter are also available – something for everyone!  100% of sales goes directly to the women of Bead for Life. (
*Look Something Shiny – A new name for my personal creations (and soon to be site – woohoo!).   I’ve been having fun, trying out some new crafty things…and will have everything from jewelry (vintage domino pendants, fun beaded earrings, owls everywhere, steampunk necklaces, beaded key chains and bookmarks) to repurposed crafts (playing card gift boxes, wooden caddies covered in old game pieces and colored pencils) to felted and embroidered gifts (more owls, little monsters, pillows and framed sentiments and ornaments and more!) to food gifts (mustache pops, owlie pops, chocolate covered oreos and pretzels and…well, anything that can be covered in chocolate!).   
*New To You – This is something new I’m trying…basically, a super-mini indoor yard sale!  Craft supplies, home decor, Christmas trimmings…you name it.   Cuz sometimes, it’s just fun to find a lil’ somethin’ that’s ‘New To You’!  
So please come over, pop in, stay 2 seconds or two hours – free refreshments and light snackies are here for the munching, and coloring pages for the little ones.  Please feel free to bring a friend or two – all are welcome!   No RSVP required – we’ll be here, ready to share a smile and help you cross something off of your list!
Happy Fall, Y’all, and Many Blessings to You!
🙂 Kristen Kerwin
P.S.  Official Stuff:  You are receiving this invite because of a connection with My Green Crayon, Small Steps Preschool, Fairview Village Church, Schwenksville Elementary, Middle School West (PV), Girl Scouts, we’re related, camping, the ‘hood, we met once at that store near that thing, we both love chocolate, or I’m stalking you.  😉  If you would like to run the other way and not receive future emails – I understand!  Just let me know, and I will keep my emails to myself.  Promise!  🙂
P.P.S.   And by the way, as some of you may know – My Green Crayon and LookSomethingShiny creations are at Heart’s Desire in Skippack, PA (behind Mal’s Diner) – 
Heart’s Desire   ( my “happy place” for shopping:  vintage toys from my childhood, retro candies and decor, books and gifts, as well as wonderful handmade and inspirational gift items…as well as lots of funny signs and cards and giftables, sure to make you laugh out loud!   Please stop in and support your local small businesses – Shop owners Missy and Catherine will take great care of you!   

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