Crafty Open House Goodness a-comin’…

November….WHA?!  Can’t be…let me check real quick.  OH SNAP! YES IT IS!!!

Sooooooo, you know what November brings, right?  Pumpkin pie 

The Simple Gifts Open House!

@ The Kerwin House  ** 225 Overlook Drive,  Schwenksville, PA  19473

Friday, November 15, 2013  **   4pm – 8pm

Saturday, November 16, 2013   **   10am – 2pm

We are CRAY-Z-EXCITED to get to see you, and to share all that we have been working on.   Whether you are looking to knock out some holiday shopping before Thanksgiving (without getting trampled!), or just want to come and chill, we hope to have what you need to help make the upcoming holiday season just a bit more…Peaceful.  Simple. Precious!

Admission is free, and you won’t want to miss out on a (no purchase necessary!) chance to win one of our raffle prizes.   Vintage and lovely gifts from Heart’s Desire in Skippack, Hand-dipped chocolates, a photo-session from Leah Reiter Creative, and MORE!

What’s your favorite thing to shop for?   Pottery, ornaments, original artwork, stitched gifts?  Yep, we got ya covered.   Repurposed home decor items, or recycled crayons (My Green Crayon) that raise funds for clean water?  Got those, too.   Or are you up for a mini-indoor-yardsale?   We’re on it!   And if you like things dipped in yummy chocolate…well, don’t even get me started!!!

And don’t forget to bring the younger shoppers to our Secret Santa Shoppe, Three Below – where all items are $3 or less, and 100% of sales directly supports the initiatives of charity: water, an amazing non-profit that works to bring clean water to those children in desperate need around the globe!   (

Cash, check, or credit is accepted.   (Also hugs and chocolate.   And Pepsi.   Did I mention chocolate? 🙂 )

So please come on by, and feel free to bring chocolate a friend.   The more, the merrier!


🙂 Kristen & crew

5th Annual Kerwin Open House is almost here!!!

Simple Gifts

5th Annual Open House * 2013


Friday, November 15  *  4pm – 8pm

Saturday, November 16  *  10am – 2pm


@ the Kerwin Home,   225 Overlook Drive,   Schwenksville, PA 19473


**Handmade crafts, jewelry, and food gifts, by Kristen (   (

I believe that often the best gifts are made by hand, and are from the heart.   I strive to make all of my handmade creations with heirloom quality, as I’d love for you to enjoy them for years to come!   (That is, until there’s a zombie apocalypse…then, all bets are off!)   My creations include handstitched and painted ornaments, painted wooden signs, fun and original jewelry, items made from recycled and repurposed games and ephemera, and delish homemade chocolates.   I have also started trying my hand at pen & ink art, and will soon have framable prints and cards in my etsy shop, too!

10% of sales supports Doctors Without Borders (

**Three Below – a ‘Secret Santa Shoppe, where kids, teens (and curious parents!) can buy new items for $3 or less.  There’s something for everyone on your list – family, friends, neighbors, bus drivers, coaches…and more!   All gifts are then wrapped up tightly and ready to go before you leave, so there’s no peeking!

100% of sales supports charity: water.  (

**BeadforLife jewelry and gifts – gorgeous and colorful gifts that give twice!  This is my 6th year partnering with BeadforLife, and I just love getting to share the story and the works of this amazing non-profit.  100% of sales supports the women in Uganda who make this beautiful beaded jewelry from recycled paper.  (

**My Green Crayon – recycled crayons & gifts.   These crayons come in dozens of fun shapes (penguins, owls, butterflies, dinosaurs, stars and hearts..), and they are priced $1 (small), $3 (large), and $7 (for boxed sets).  They make perfect stocking stuffers, Pollyanna gifts, food-alternative classroom gifts, and more!   Since the start of the project in 2009,   #3477 crayons have been sold (just locally!), and over $5,500 has been raised…all because of awesome crayon-partners like YOU!  Thank you!!!

50% of sales supports clean water projects around the world through charity: water.  (

Crayons also for sale @ Heart’s Desire in Skippack, PA (behind Mal’s Diner) and (soon!) on my etsy site:

**New to You – a mini-indoor yard sale, featuring home decor items, craft supplies, and holiday decorations.    This is something new I’m trying…cuz sometimes, it’s just fun to find a lil’ somethin’ that’s gently-loved, and ‘New to You’!

100% of sales supports charity: water.   (


Everyone is welcome!  Please feel free to bring a friend or two – no admission cost, and no need to RSVP.

So please come on over and check it out.   Pop in for 2 seconds, or two hours!   We’ll be here with smiles, refreshments, free raffle prizes, coloring pages and a ‘quiet corner’ for little ones, & lots of gifts that give twice!    We can’t wait to see you!

For information, directions, and more…