“Rainbow Rescue” Used Crayon Drive @ Evergreen Elementary * January 6-17, 2014

In honor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, on Monday, January 20, 2014, My Green Crayon is partnering with Evergreen Elementary and Perkiomen Valley High School, to transform used crayons into clean water!

My Green Crayon is a local project that collects “well-loved” crayons – donated by schools, restaurants, churches, preschools, and more! – and then remolds them into fun-shaped new crayons for endless creative possibilities!  The remolded crayons – shaped like dinosaurs, butterflies, cars, flowers, and more! – are then sold locally, raising funds to support the efforts of Charity Water (charitywater.org), an amazing non-profit that brings clean water and sanitation to the most desperate of children and their families around the world.   50% of each crayon sale directly supports Charity Water.

Evergreen Elementary students, with the support of the Home & School Association, are invited to bring their used crayons to school, January 6 – 17, 2014.   Any and all sizes /shapes /types of crayons are welcome, and there is no need to remove the paper wrappers (unless you want to!)…and new crayons are always welcome, too.   Just place your crayon donation in a bag / baggie, and place it in the donation boxes in the Main Hallway at Evergreen Elementary.  That’s it – and thank you for your donations!

On the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, Monday January 20, students from Perkiomen Valley High School will then be volunteering their time to peel the crayon paper wrappers from the crayon donations, to help prepare them for melting and remolding.   A huge THANK YOU to all of the “Peeling Partners” out there, who help this way.   A special shout out to the PVHS Key Club for their many hours of peeling help over the past few years!!!

Thank you in advance for sharing your “well-loved” crayons with my project…I love working together with “like-hearted” folks like you, to help bring clean water to children around the world.   Together, we can help a child, while helping the earth…and make a little help go a long way!  THANK YOU!   😉 Kristen

Contact Information:

Evergreen Elementary – Mary Cook, HSA – mrc.mobile@me.com

PVHS / MLK Jr. Day Service Project – Jessica Lester – jlester@pvsd.org

My Green Crayon – Kristen Kerwin – kristenkerwin@gmail.com

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