Thank you for a wonderful 2013 Open House!

Ohmygoodness, friends…I have so much to say, and so few words that can adequately express how grateful I am to all of you!   You have all been such a great encouragement to me, and it was the best of gifts for you to come out and support me for this year’s Simple Gifts Open House.   As we come upon Thanksgiving this week, and the Advent Season shortly after, I am reminded that I have the best family and friends around…I’m so grateful.
Here’s a brief summary of your collective awesomeness:  


Cathy Pilipczuk  won the Mary Kay raffle gift – sponsored by my dear friend Michelle McFadden, MK Independent Beauty Consultant.  Thank you so much Michelle!
The Decadent Chocolate Cake was won by Donna Bondi & family (& small group).   Congratulations!  Lovingly made and donated by my father-in-law, Bob ‘the Baker’ Kerwin.   Thank you Dad!
The beautiful and fragrant Bird Candle was won by Thekli Sariano.   Donated by the ‘shop girls’, Missy and Catherine, at Heart’s Desire in Skippack.   This shop is chock full of all kinds of home decor and gifts, jewelry, funny stuff, vintage items.   You will love it – I promise!   Thank you, Shop Girls!
Brenda Conrad won the gift of Classic & Vintage toys from Heart’s Desire in Skippack.  If you like educational and old-fashioned, quality toys, you just have to visit this shop in downtown Skippack (behind Mal’s Diner).
And the wonderful prize of a free Photo Session by Leah Reiter Creative was won by  Stacia Hang & family.  Congratulations to this beautiful family!   Please keep my dear, talented, creative friend Leah in mind for all of your photography needs and dreams!   Thank you, Leah!
…and a big thank you to Jill Seitz, a friend and the art teacher of my kiddos at Schwenksville Elementary (as well as the art teacher at Middle School East, PV District), for sharing your beautifully crafted pottery with us.   So gorgeous!
Bead for Life ( jewelry and gifts, made by women in Uganda from recycled paper and Shea Nuts.   You raised $469 for these amazing women & their families!   Bead for Life is now partnering with Mercy Corps to provide immediate relief to the Philippines.  And your support will help them to make this a reality – thank you!
Through the crayon sales for My Green Crayon, plus the funds raised in the Secret Santa Shoppe, Three Below ($336.58  =  wow!)….the total raised for Charity Water( for 2013 is up to $505.74!!!!   I am so thankful to partner with all of you, to bring clean drinking water to the most desperate of children and their families around the globe.   What a joy to partner with you!
Through the sales of my blingy / crafty / chocolatey creations, you raised $86.88 to support the heroic efforts of Doctors Without Borders(, who are entrenched in the recovery efforts in the Philippines right now.   Thank you SO MUCH!!!
…and a little note about Holiday Shopping.   I am in love with small businesses, like Heart’s Desire in Skippack, PA (full disclosure: they sell my creations and crayons)…so I’m biased when it comes to holiday shopping!   But whether you want to avoid the Black Friday crush, or you’re just curious about what can be found around the corner, please remember that next Saturday (11/30/13) isSmall Business Saturday. Shopping locally makes a huge difference in our communities!   
And if you have always wanted to take a stroll through Skippack, PA, you are invited to kick off the holiday season with Jack Frost Friday on Friday, December 6, 2013.   A host of shops will be participating in this event, and the prize that you could win for just coming out to check out these small businesses is a $500 gift basket!  
Questions?  610-584-0797.   Also, please visit for more fun events and info!  See you there!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone – and thank you again for all of your invaluable support.   I’ll be in touch again when I (finally!) open my online shop on (   But until then – many blessings to you and your families.    Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!!!
Kristen Kerwin & family

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