An update on MLK Jr. Day….what an AMAZING community we live in!

To Evergreen Elementary….WOW and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your January 2014 crayon donations to My Green Crayon!!!   We were overjoyed with the amazing collection that you so generously donated to our project – over $118,000 crayons in all!  Your donation is a great encouragement to us, and is crucial to the continuation of this project.   Countless remolded crayons will be made from your “well-loved” crayon donations, and the sales generated will bring clean water and improved sanitation to the most desperate of children around the world.   Thank you for partnering with us this way, ensuring that we can continue our project.   We are so grateful for you!

And to Perkiomen Valley High School…YOU DA BEST! I just wanted to let you know that out of the 118.6 lbs of crayons donated (amounting to approx.  118,600 crayons!), your group peeled 48.4 lbs (again, that’s about 4,840 crayons!)….which is CRAZY and AMAZING!   Wowza…I am SO set up for success because of your time and care (and nimble fingers!).    Thank you for taking the time to help us with this project – you have truly made a difference, and helped turn trash to treasure in a life-giving way.   Couldn’t do this without you!  Below is a link to some great pix of the coolest Peeling Partners around.  Thank you for giving your time (on a day off of school, no less!) and love to our project!

🙂 Kristen Kerwin & gang