Thank you for an amazing 2016 OpenHouse!!!

SPEECHLESS.  (Well, ok…you know me too well…am I ever speechless?)  Fine..more like SPEECH-FULL!!!!  Can’t stop, won’t stop gushing over how grateful I am for all of you, for the precious time that you share with us during this busy season, and for the inspiring and humbling way that you come together to make a difference in the lives of those that need it so desperately.  You are light & hope to the people that our fundraising represents, and I am so stinking proud of you!!!   Clean up in Aisle Kerwin, because my cup of gratitude just OVERFLOWED!!!
Because of YOU…through your My Green Crayon and Three Below purchases, we are sending $374.25 to charity water, to bring clean water to those who need it most around the world. (
Because of YOU…through your purchases of Timbali pouches, aprons and bags, $142 will be shared with the women of Swaziland, Africa, so they may continue their ministry to orphans.  (
Because of YOU…through your Ornaments 4 Orphans support of $235, orphans in Uganda will have the care and comfort that they need.  (
Because of YOU…through your purchases of Shea Butter products and recycled paper jewelry, $630 will support the Bead for Life artisans in Uganda as they strive to make a better life for their families. (
Because of YOU…and your support of me and my crafty / artsy / chocolatey endeavors, we’ll be sending $188 to Doctors Without Borders ( to help those around the globe that are in the most desperate need of medical and humanitarian care.
A giant-sized thank you to those that make the Open House possible every year…my Kerwin squad (Bill, Emma, Danielle, Corinne, Liam), Karen (Grammie), (Aunt) Lynne, (Uncle) Stefan, and Kate Marino (those baked goods tho!!!) A huge hugfest for these amazing people, without whom this event would never get off the ground! xoxoxo!
You have all made a big difference in the lives of so many, my dear ones, and I cannot thank you enough for your support!  Making this journey (8 years now!) with such awesome, like-hearted folks like YOU has been the best trip ever…and I’m already looking forward to next year!   
But first…pumpkin pie.  🙂  
Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays, my friends!  
Kristen Kerwin & family
Instagram:   @looksomethingshiny
(or , if you’re not on IG, but wanna see some pretty pictures of what I’ve been up to!)
….OF COURSE THERE’s MORE!!!!!!!!  Keep scrollin’!!!
If we missed seeing you at the Open House, but you’d still hankering to get your gift-with-purpose-shopping on…there are two more ways for us to connect before Christmas!
*Shop small at Floral & Hardy in Skippack, PA (across from Mal’s Diner, next to Justin’s), where you can find my chocolates, cards, and crayons…and lots of other wonderful gifts.  
*Pop Up Christmas Shop, Friday December 2, 2016, @ #219 Overlook Drive (just 3 doors down, at Lisa Gallagher’s home!), 6:30-9:30pm.  You’ll find treasures from Usborne Books, LuLaRoe, Thirty One, Origami Owl, Perfectly Posh, Clever Container, and ME!  Come on over and watch me do a happy dance!!!
A big ‘ol CONGRATULATIONS to our raffle winners this year – and a HUGE THANK YOU to our raffle donors!!!!  Please show them some love while you shop this season!
*PEACH intimates, courtesy of Renee Elsner (
           ….congratulations to **Charlene Greco, Amy Brecht, Kathy Weiss, and Janet Moran**
*USBORNE books, courtesy of Lisa Gallagher (
            ….congratulations and happy coloring to **Olivia McGoldrick**
*My Green Crayon gift basket….congrats to **Jackson Stear**
*Chocolate gift basket….congratulations to **Jackie Szakal**
……and last but not least, a little video fun to share.  We just had to do it.  ENJOY!!!!

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