9th Annual Simple Gifts Open House

Just the facts…

Kerwin 9th Annual Simple Gifts Open House
Friday, November 17, 2017 * 4pm – 8pm
Saturday, November 18, 2017 * 10am – 2pm
@ the Kerwin Home
225 Overlook Drive
Schwenksville, PA 19473
(H) 610-287-5687
ThankGodIt’sFridayPartyPeopleAmiright????????  WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!
If your heart is like mine, it’s pretty banged up and feeling the weight of the events of this past week, and of the news in general lately.  SO.MUCH.NEED.  Harvey. Irma. Maria. Vegas. Wow…  
I want to be sensitive to those around me that are facing far more important issues than a craft show.   I know that it’s hard to get excited about bracelets and ornaments when so many are hurting.  
But I also really just want to help…to DO SOMETHING.  And I’m betting that you do, too.  Individually, there is only so much we can do to help hurricane survivors, comfort victims of violence, help those fighting opioid addiction, fight human trafficking, provide clean water, protect orphans, and empower women.  But together?  TOGETHER we can multiply our gifts and make our light SHINE CRAZY BRIGHT into the darkness!  Now THAT’s something I get excited about!  (also: apple cider donuts.  Because…well…donuts are very exciting!)  
So…please know that as I craft and clean and hot-glue my heart out to make this year’s Open House better than ever, I’m also vetting organizations that we will fundraise together for as we gather and shop and catch up and SHINE.  I love a good win-win situation, and I love helping those in greatest need – especially when we do it TOGETHER!  Are you in?  LET’S DO THIS!!!!
More information to follow in the coming weeks.  But in the meantime…I’m sending out Pumpkin-Spice-Flavored Hugs to you and yours xoxoxo!   I can’t wait to see you all!
Love & Donuts,
Kristen Kerwin & family
P.S.  Catch me outside at the following spots….and please feel free to share the invitation!   No RSVP needed, it’s free, and kiddos are welcome!
ETSY (online) SHOP:  looksomethingshiny.etsy.com
INSTAGRAM:  @looksomethingshiny
FACEBOOK:  www.facebook.com/KerwinSimpleGiftsOpenHouse
WEB:  overflowcreations.wordpress.com
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 P.P.P.S.  Favorite hype song this week, if you need a pick me up like I did!:  Lecrae / Church Clap
P.P.P.P.S.  RAFFLE PRIZE DONATIONS AND BAKED GOODS:  Do you have a small business, or know of one, that you’d like to share with our guests?  I’m looking for a few raffle gifts, of any value, to spread the good cheer.  Because winning stuff is FUN, and spreading the word about small businesses makes me super happy!!!!   And if you love to bake, and would like to add some yum to the party…well, you’re officially my favorite kind of friend – and I thank you in advance!