Wrapping Up! @ Kerwin Open House 2017

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SPEECHLESS.  (Well, ok…you know me too well…am I ever speechless?)  Fine..more like SPEECH-FULL!!!!  Can’t stop, won’t stop gushing over how grateful I am for all of you, for the precious time that you share with us during this busy season, and for the inspiring and humbling way that you come together to make a difference in the lives of those that need it so desperately.  You are light & hope to the people that our fundraising represents, and I am so stinking proud of you!!!   Clean up in Aisle Kerwin, because my cup of gratitude just OVERFLOWED!!!
Because of YOU…through your My Green Crayon and Three Below purchases, we are sending $155.93 to charity water, to bring clean water to those who need it most around the world. (charitywater.org)
Because of YOU…through your purchases of Timbali pouches, aprons and bags, $90 will be shared with the women of Swaziland, Africa, so they may continue their ministry to orphans.  (timbalicrafts.org)
Because of YOU…through your Ornaments 4 Orphans support of $200, orphans in Uganda will have the care and comfort that they need.  (ornaments4orphans.org
Because of YOU…through your purchases of Shea Butter products and recycled paper jewelry, $311 will support the Bead for Life artisans in Uganda as they strive to make a better life for their families. (beadforlife.org)  Thank you for making this last Bead Party (ten years running!) a successful one!  (you can always find them online, with their full line of amazing products!)
Because of YOU…through your purchases of woven bowls and earrings and bracelets – and more!, $231 will support the Azizi Life artisans in Rwanda as they share their creative talents with the world while providing for their families. (azizilife.com)
Because of YOU…and your support of me and my crafty / artsy / chocolatey endeavors, we’ll be sending $226 to Doctors Without Borders (msf.org) & International Justice Mission(ijm.org) & Preemptive Love Coalition (preemptivelove.org) to help those around the globe that are in the most desperate need of medical and humanitarian care, rescuing and legal representation, and hurricane relief.
You have all made a big difference in the lives of so many, my dear ones, and I cannot thank you enough for your support!  Making this journey (9 years now!) with such awesome, like-hearted folks like YOU has been the best trip ever…and I’m already looking forward to next year!   TENTH YEAR, BABY…2018 COMIN’ AT YA!
Lastly…did you know it’s December already?  WOWZA.  May this month bring you peace in the midst of crazy, reflection on our many blessings in the midst of challenges, and family & friends who love us through it all  🙂  OH, and may it bring you Star Wars THE LAST JEDI, where we’ll be nerding out next Friday on opening day!  Because the Force. And because cute robots. And also I wanna be a Jedi.  And in the midst of all of this JOY – if you ever just need a big hug – I’m your girl! xoxo  
Merry Christmas, Merry Everything, May the Force Be With You, and a Happy Always, my friends! 
Kristen Kerwin & family
ETSY SHOP looksomethingshiny.etsy.com  (use code MADEYOULOOK to save 10% off of your next online order!)
INSTAGRAM:  @looksomethingshiny
….OF COURSE THERE’s MORE!!!!!!!!  Keep scrollin’!!!
A big ‘ol CONGRATULATIONS to our raffle winners this year – and a HUGE THANK YOU to our raffle donors!!!!  Please show them some love while you shop this season!
*Carol Churchey – won a basket of Modere personal products from Erin Steele (www.modere.com) (erinsteele.shiftingretail.com)
*Mary Hushen – won a Creative Memories bundle for scrapbooking pics of those adorable grandchildren!  Courtesy of Michele Fitzgerald (thank you!) (www.creativememories.com/user/MicheleFitz)
*Sarah Wise Englehart – won the delish-smellish basket of natural handmade soaps from Scentual Gardens, a small business on a family farm in Chester County, PA that makes my heart so happy – and whose all-natural and affordable products are the BEST! (www.scentualgardens.com) (also check out: THE MILKHOUSE SHOP AT THE HISTORIC OLD HOME FARM
Scentual Gardens Soaps, crafts, vintage, and more! Open Fridays 9-3 and Saturdays 9-5. 583 Old Schuylkill Rd. East Coventry (Pottstown), PA 19465)
*Sophia Pham – who won the gift bundle from Floral & Hardy in Skippack, PA.  (floralandhardyofskippack.com) A little birdie told me that they sell my chocolates and cards there, too – in case you need a post-openhouse-fix!  
*Erica Dougherty – won a fun mustache-themed basket to make her kids’ giggle!
*George Brusstar – won a giant Stormtrooper and some galaxy-inspired Jelly Bellies…now he’s ready for THE LAST JEDI that comes out next week! May the force be with you!
*Danielle Emers – won a fun ugly-Christmas-sweater themed basket, complete with hard candies like your granny used to keep in her pockets.  But without the pocket lint! 🙂 
P.S.  A giant-sized thank you to those that make the Open House possible every year…my Kerwin squad (my honey, Bill, and my kiddos Emma, Danielle, Corinne, Liam – I am so crazy blessed), Karen (Grammie) (my cashier extraordinaire), &(Aunt) Lynne (chief elf in Three Below).  A huge hugfest for these amazing people, without whom this event would never get off the ground! xoxoxo!
P.P.S. A festive and funky Christmas ditty to make you groove – Carol of the Bells by Family Force Five.  I love this band / song / album soooo much!!!  Just a little ‘alternative’ to the Elvis / Bing Cosby songs that we all love :-).  Christmas…with an EDGE!  🙂  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNQanxXvmpo
P.P.P.S.  Official Stuff:  You are receiving this invite because of a connection with Floral & Hardy in Skippack, Best Kept Secrets Tour & The Milkhouse Shop, My Green Crayon, Small Steps Preschool, Fairview Village Church, Bible Study, WOW, MOPS, Schwenksville Elementary, Middle School West, PVHS and/or Key Club, Goddard School & Next to New Shop in Schwenksville, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Lisa’s knitting club, you work at ACMoore (a.k.a. my other home), we’re related, camping, the ‘hood, we met once at that store near that thing, we both love chocolate, or I’m stalking you.   If you would like to run the other way and not receive future emails – I understand!  Just let me know, and I will keep my epic-length emails to myself.  Promise!

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