About My Green Crayon

My Green Crayon is a project that rescues ‘well-loved’ crayons from schools, restaurants, churches, friends, and family, and remolds them into amazing & fun shaped-crayons for endless creative possibilities!

It began in April 2009, as an Earth Day project that we could do with our children, (then ages 2, 4, 7, & 8).   We visited several elementary schools and preschools in our area, asking if we could ‘rescue’ any broken and used crayons that would otherwise end up in a landfill.   We then spent several months collecting and peeling the donated crayons (a very time-consuming process, we soon learned!)…even recycling the crayon papers!   The peeled crayons were then broken up and placed into shaped cookie & mini-cake molds, designed one at a time, and baked in our oven.   The summer was spent designing packaging, finding new molds, trimming overhead costs, and baking more crayons…while enjoying sharing our story with friends and family.   Crayon sales began in September 2009…and what a blessing that brought!   Folks seemed to really connect with what we were trying to do, and the ‘ripples’ went on from there….

The sales of our crayons went well enough in the Fall of 2009, that we are now able to donate 50% (up from 25%) of each sale to clean water projects.   The other 50% returns to overhead (advertising, packaging supplies, new molds which cost $20-$40 each), and most recently we’ve been able to share 25% of the overhead dollars raised with schools that sell our crayons as a fundraiser.   What a win-win situation!   More and more opportunities have come our way with each new ripple in the pond….opportunities to educate children about taking care of our world by recycling, and by having a role in bringing clean water to the most desperate of people around the world.    What a privilege and joy it has been to share this project with those around us.   Can’t wait to see what God has in store next!

We welcome any and all donations of crayons, as well as individuals or groups that would be interested in peeling some of the donations!   We are working on a basic curriculum package, as well as a group presentation, so that classes and other groups could use this project as a teaching tool.   We welcome inquiries regarding used crayon drives, crayon sales, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising possibilities.   We also welcome your feedback – we are learning as we go!

Thanks for reading a bit about us…we look forward to hearing from you!   Happy Coloring!

Kristen Kerwin


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