Comfort for Children In Crisis

Comfort for Children In Crisis is the creation of Emma & Danielle Kerwin, who developed the project for their Girl Scout Silver Service Award in 2015.  The project’s goal is to provide comfort items, namely soft fleece blankets and emoji-faced pillows, to local children and teens in crisis situations locally – to be distributed by first responders, such as EMTs, firefighters, and law enforcement officers.  Both Emma and Danielle have experienced receiving comfort from others during crisis situations, and they wanted to give that same comfort to other children in our community.

When Emma was 6 years old, and was bike riding with her father in our neighborhood, he was in an accident that left his leg broken in two places, and unable to seek help.  Emma had to find someone to help and call 911, and was comforted by a neighbor with a sweatshirt and snack, while waiting for the ambulance.  As a very young child in such a scary situation, the help and comfort given by our neighbor was invaluable.  We are so thankful to “Mr. Mike” for his quick thinking and care for Emma!

Danielle was only 4 years old when she accidentally swallowed a penny, while we were vacationing far from home.  The coin became lodged in her throat, and was very painful.  The local ER could not get the penny to move, so she needed to be taken to a private children’s hospital in a neighboring state.   The staff and volunteers at the children’s hospital were amazing, skilled, and compassionate, and they helped to make the situation as child-friendly as possible.   The hospital had a group of volunteers that made and donated teddy bears and scrub pants to each child that came to them for care, and Danielle was greatly comforted by those gifts.  She still has them today!

Our hope is that the blankets and pillows will bring comfort to other children and teens in our community, paying forward the love and compassion that we have been shown.   And our love and prayers accompany each one!

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